A union of independent artists, composers, and music supervisors, we at OONA seek to redefine the nature of how music is created and employed in the visual mediums. We are an active network of diverse individuals, engaged in regular creative exchange and support, united in the undying belief that we are stronger together.

At OONA we reaffirm the role of music to communicate the nuanced language of the emotional landscape. With sound, stories are elevated to the sphere of the spirit. By empowering a transparent flow of information and capital to all content creators, we are committed to maintaining ethical, sustainable, long-term artistic development – both on an individual and group level. Why? We believe that the most beautiful, meaningful creations are the result of balanced collaborations and compensated efforts.

We assert the value we add with our immense energy, vast experience, and diverse resources.  Through the support of our sister company and catalogue home OONA Recordings and publishing division OONA Publishing, we boast an established, premium network of resources, and customize solutions to enhance and uplift visual productions.

At OONA we share the vision that change begins from the ground we’re standing on. Tomorrow’s world cannot and will not resemble the world as it is today. With this conviction, we set out to elevate more female composers, creators, and sound developers into core, leading roles.

OONA is a collective force, moving towards a future in which the arts are robust, manifest positive change and connects humanity.