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Erik Enocksson

Over the last two decades, composer Erik Enocksson has established himself as a singular voice in contemporary Nordic film music through hauntingly beautiful film scores to accoladed movies such as “Farväl Falkenberg” by Jesper Ganslandt, “Man tänker sitt” by Fredrik Wenzel & Henrik Hellström and “Apan” by Jesper Ganslandt .  His intensely personal and visceral compositions – though often carried forth by minimal instrumentation and dressed in sparse arrangements – move seamlessly between distinct melodies and suggestive, resonant moodscapes.

Enocksson’s commissioned work has often enjoyed an extended life through the album format, and releases on prestigious underground labels like Posh Isolation, Kning Disk, Warp Music, Release the Bats, etc. have over the years gained him a cult following.

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Selected credits

Snabba Cash Season II (2022) upcoming
Netflix | TV Series
Dir. Jesper Ganslandt

Snabba Cash (2021)
Netflix | TV Series
Dir. Jesper Ganslandt

The Distant Barking of Dogs (2018)
Final Cut for Real |Story | Feature Doc
Dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont

The Quiet Roar (2014)
Idyll | Feature
Dir. Henrik Hellström

For Those In Peril (2013)
Warp Films | Feature
Director: Paul Wright

Moon Rider (2011)
Story | Feature Doc
Dir. Daniel Dencik

Apan (2009)
Fasad | Feature
Dir. Jesper Ganslandt

Man tänker sitt (2009)
Fasad | Feature
Dir. Fredrik Wenzel, Henrik Hellström

Skinnskatteberg (2008)
Fasad | Feature Doc
Dir. Jesper Ganslandt

Farväl Falkenberg (2006)
Fasad | Feature
Dir. Jesper Ganslandt

Nabila (2001)
Knasterfilm | Feature Doc
Dir. Håkan Berthas & Johan Bjerkner

Midsund (2000)
Fasad | Feature Doc
Dir. Fredrik Wenzel



Räkna evighet som intet (Irrlicht / iDEAL Recordings), solo album

Signal w. Kristofer Flensmarck (Irrlicht / Anti editör)

Will and Wave (Irrlicht), solo album

Man tänker sitt, Performed Live At Hellig kors kirke, Copenhagen 19/4-2013 (Posh Isolation)

For Those In Peril (Kning Disk / Warp Music), original score

Apan (Release The Bats / Posh Isolation), original score

Skinnskatteberg (Kning Disk), OST

Man tänker sitt (Kning Disk), original score

With it’s Dark Tail Curled ´round the Garage (Kning Disk), solo album

Harsh and stubborn / Dark and Shrewd (Kning Disk), solo album

Farväl Falkenberg (Kning Disk / Posh Isolation), original score


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