Jon Ekstrand

Jon Ekstrand is a Stockholm based film composer and artist.  Ekstrand began his career under the mentorship of acclaimed sound designer Owe Svensson,  where he sharpened his skills at understanding the power of sound and its dramaturgic importance in helping a story realize its potential.  In 1998, whilst attending Stockholm Film School, Ekstrand met Director Daniel Espinosa, in which the two formed a tight creative relationship which continues to this day.

Ekstrand and Espinosa have collaborated on 7 feature films, including the hit  “Easy Money” trilogy as well as Hollywood studio films “Child 44”, “Life”, and the Marvel film “Morbius”.  Recent works include Amazon Studios drama thriller “All The Old Knives” directed by Janus Metz and Milad Alamani´s  psychological drama “The Opponent” and Espinosa´s forethcoming arthouse drama feature Madame Luna.  

The recent years have seen Ekstrand´s  scores receive great international acclaim, taking home both The Danish Film Institutes Robert Award for his 2019 score to the film Queen of Hearts, as well as the Cannes Series Award for his score to the TV Series Top Dog.

Jon has had a rich career within film, having worked the entire spectrum of the sound team, from boom operator, sound recordist, to sound designer and today as accoladed composer.  Ekstrand is a self confessed synthesizer addict,  and generally starts building his scores around electro acoustic elements.  His scores range in genre from more minimal arthouse ambient to epic thriller drama´s, where he has recorded with full orchestra´s at Air Studio in London, Colombia Studios and Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

Ekstrand is actively engaged in the current diversity dilemma within the film industry and is part of a composer’s mentorship program arranged through the Swedish collecting society STIM.


Highlights reel

Selected credits

Helicopter Heist (upcoming)
Netflix | TV Series
Dir. Daniel Espinosa

Xeno (2024) upcoming
HartBeat Productions | Feature
Dir. Matthew Loren Oates

Sons (2024) upcoming
Nordisk Film| Feature
Dir. Gustav Möller

Madame Luna (2024)
Momento Film | Feature
Dir. Daniel Espinosa

Rome (2024)
Motor Productions | Feature
Dir. Nicklas Bendixen

All The Old Knives (2022)
Amazon Studios | Feature
Dir. Janus Metz

Morbius (2022)
Sony Pictures Entertainment | Feature
Dir. Daniel Espinosa

Hilma (2022)
Viaplay Studios | Feature
Dir. Lasse Hallström

The Opponent (2022)
Tangy Film | Feature
Dir. Milad Alamani

Margrete Queen of The North (2021)
SF Studios | Feature
Dir. Charlotte Seiling

I Am Greta (2020)
B Reel Films | Feature
Dir. Nathan Grossman

438 Days (2019)
Miso Film | Feature
Dir. Jesper Ganslandt

Ring Mama! (2019)
Garage Film | Feature
Dir. Lisa Aschan

Queen of Hearts (2019)
Nordisk Film | Feature
Dir. May el-Toukhy

Slaughterhouse Rules (2018)
Sony Pictures | Feature
Dir. C r i s p i a n Mills

Jimmie (2018)
Fasad | Feature
Dir. Jesper Ganslandt

Borg vs McEnroe (2017)
SF Studios | Feature
Dir. Janus Metz

Life (2017)
Skydance Entertainment | Feature
Dir. Daniel Espinosa

White People (2015)
Garage Film  | Feature
Dir. Lisa Aschan

Child 44 (2015)
Summit Entertainment | Feature
Dir. Daniel Espinosa

Snabba Cash III (2013)
Tre Vänner | Feature
Dir. Jens Jonsson

Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter (2012)
Pampas Produktion | Feature
Dir. Tobias Falk

Snabba Cash II (2012)
Tre Vänner | Feature
Dir. Babak Najafi

Hamilton: In The Nations Interest (2012)
Pampas Produktion | Feature
Dir. Katherine Windfeld

Snabba Cash (2010)
Tre Vänner | Feature
Dir. Daniel Espinosa




The Opponent (Original Soundtrack)

Morbius (Original Soundtrack)

Margrete – Queen of The North (Original Soundtrack)

I Am Greta (Original Soundtrack)

Queen of Hearts (Original Soundtrack)

Slaughterhouse Rulez (Original Soundtrack)

Life (Original Soundtrack)

Child 44 (Original Soundtrack)



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