Lisa Montan

Lisa Montan is a composer and artist based in Stockholm, and is the only woman to have ever received a Swedish Guldbagge Award for her score to the film Flocking (2015). It was her first feature film.  For the same film she was also awarded Best Score at Festival International du film d’Aubagne and the Doris Filmgenipris for Best Score. The jury described her work; ”her composition demand the audience’s full attention to the film’s thematics and core, whilst at the same time they are extremely unique and incredibly beautiful.”

Montan´s compositions have quite often sacred and ceremonious qualities to them, embedding themselves in fabric of the film and unearthing parallel narratives.  Recent works include scores for Abbe Hassan´s political drama feature “Exodus” produced by B-Reel, Malou Reymann´s  period drama “Utstyrling” produced by Nordisk Film, and SF Studios beloved children´s saga “LasseMajas Detektivebyrå” directed by Tina Mackic.

During the past five years Lisa been received awards of recognition for a total of four films she has scored.  Apart from Flocken she won awards for “Alt Jag Inte Mins” by Beata Gårdeler (Rio Award for best score to a TV show), “Guld” by Abbe Hassan (Stockholm Film Festival best original score),  “Vi Bara Lyder” by Erik Holmström and  Fredrik Wenzel (Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival Special Jury Award).

A true multidisciplinary and creative collaborator, Lisa has brought her same intensity to visual mediums, having got her start in film working with costume and set design as well as holds many active collaborations with writers and tactile / visual artists.

Highlights reel

Selected credits

Utstyrling (2022) upcoming
Nordisk Film | Feature
Dir. Malou Reymann

LasseMajas Detektivebyrå – Skorpionsgata (2022) upcoming
SF Studios | Feature
Dir. Tina Mackic

Exodus (2022) upcoming
B Reel Films | Feature
Dir. Abbe Hassan

LasseMajas Detektivebyrå – Tågrånarens Hemlighet (2020)
SF Studios | Feature
Dir. Moa Gammal

Allt Jag Inte Mins (2019)
Kärn Film | TV Series
Dir. Beata Gårdeller

Guld  (2018)
Indian Summer| Short
Dir. Abbe Hassan

Martyren (2018)
Bob Film | Short
Dir: Ahmed Abdullahi

Euphoria (2017)
B-reel Films | Feature
Dir: Lisa Langseth

Dröm Vidare (2017)
2a Films | Feature
Dir: Rojda Sekersöz

Salvation (2017)
Askia Films | Short
Dir: Thora Hilmarsdottir

Fallet Kevin (2017)
SVT| Documentary Series
Dir: Dan Josefsson

Vi bara lyder (2017)
Fasad| Feature Documentary
Dir: Fredrik Wenzel

Regissören Mai Zetterling (2015)
SVT| Feature Documentary
Dir: Lena Jordebo

Flocken (2015)
2a Films| Feature
Dir: Beata Gårdeler

Vännerna (2013)
SVT | Short
Dir: Beata Gårdeler

The Quest for Presence (2013)
Dir: Åsa Cederqvist

Knausgård (2012)
SVT| Feature Documentary
Dir: Lena Jordebo




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Creative Producer / Agent
Jacob Snavely